Hello again,

We wanted to give you a little update from the last couple of months. Since our last blog we have played some great shows and continue to have songs off our EP being added to playlist from all over the world really. Also we are lucky to have been picked up by some American radio stations as well . Sadly we played our final show with our bud Randy Gill on drums in my home town of 100 Mile House. Randy has since moved to Germany to work with Youth With A Mission for two years. We have been getting some great updates from him, however we miss the dirtbag!

September was spent trying out new drummers. We are happy to have a friend of ours playing the skins right now and into the foreseeable future. October saw us play at the Studio on Granville in Vancouver for the Best in Vancouver series. We made some great contacts and was good to see some Vancouver family and friends out supporting us. We also played a Kamloops show with Poor Traits(Vancouver) and local dudes the Caspians.

We headed out to Music City Studios in Kelowna two weeks ago to work in studio on some live tracks, some being Christmas songs. Look for those out in December! Also we will be recording some acoustic videos, to come out at the end of 2015. As winter as now approached we are planning to practices a lot. Work on some new song ideas, and get ready for shows that we have lined up in the new year. Expect details for some of those in the next couple weeks!
Thanks for reading, and of course your support!

Liam and the rest of the Octobers.

One week to go until we wrap up our summer at the Lac La Hache Cariboo Garlic Festival, we gonna get our Garlic on!

Just a quick update on out last stint of shows. Kelowna’s staple live music bar Fernandos proved to be everything and more we had thought it to be. The amazing (and crazy) crowd and the great staff made for an awesome and memorable evening for everyone! Thanks Fernandos, I’m sure we’ll see you again soon.

Vernon’s Gallery Vertigo, was a fun and intimate show and a great way to wrap up our time in the okanogan, we met some great people and saw some great music. Specifically our new vernon friends “Amistad”. These kids have got talent beyond their years. Big things are coming for them for sure! Check em out here: https://www.facebook.com/AmistadMusic

This weekend has been  great so far. We started off with a short talk in Studio with CBC Radio 3 host Mary-Anna Kosori and took in the final #musicalnooners of the summer. That Mariachi band was the sickest thing we have seen all day! Later on we played a long awaited show at Vancouver’s one and only Roxy on Granville. Great Venue, Fantastic Sound man (Randy) and just an all around good vibe. We were honoured to play in one of the Granville Street Staples. Was huge fun and we are hoping to be back sooner than later! We met up with some old friends and got to see our bud Evan Bourque play again which is always a pleasure! Good Times!

And Finally, I just wanted to make mention and give a thank you to the reknown blog site The Revue for featuring misfits in their latest summer playlist, Thanks Guys! Check it out here: http://therevue.ca/2015/08/21/the-matinee-august-21/




Happy EP release day to us! our debut release the Misfits EP is officially up for download on band camp today. We are excited to share this with the world and extremely proud of the final product and grateful to our friend Justin Mcintyre (Justin Mcintyre studios) and Brett at CPS mastering for their excellent and laborious hard work in engineering and producing this record. Follow the link at the bottom to download it for free (or any amount of money you want to give us ;). Download it or Stream it, Listen to it and Love it (or hate it) but most importantly share it! Help us get this thing to farthest reaches of the internet and back again!


Also in support of the EP we are going to be doing a small handful of shows starting august 14th. Check our upcoming show page for more details on where and when. Hope to see you there!


Hello Friends! This is our first (of many?) official blog post! Just a few quick, but endlessly exciting thing to report. First and most importantly, we have finally set a release date for our debut album, titled the Misfits EP. It is going to be available on most online stores from iTunes to amazon on August 8th,2015. However….We are also going to be offering it as a free download on our sound-cloud and band camp accounts because we want to spread it as wide and as far as possible. So when you get your copy remember to share, share, share. In addition to this exciting news we figured it would be a good idea to play live a little more, so in support of this EP release we are going to be going on a short and sweet mini tour in the okanagon and lower mainland. We will be joined by our good buds in Tigerchild from Vancouver as well as a few special guest along the way. (Poster below) Lastly, one more exciting tidbit to share, our song Misfits has been selected to move into the semi-finals of the unsigned only songwriting competition in the rock category. So who knows right, we’ll see how this plays out. Thanks for reading guys and gals, keep in touch! Until next time….stay cool.

tour poster