Octobers are an indie pop/rock band from Beautiful British Columbia. After forming in late 2014, they released their debut, Misfits EP in August 2015 to the open arms online, collecting over 30,000 plays in the first few months on Soundcloud alone. Originally starting as an acoustic project of frontman Joel Ellsay under the name “Skeleton Choir”, some much needed life was breathed into the songs, after solidifying a lineup consisting of Nick Ellsay on lead guitar, Liam Rhynolds on bass and Randy Gill on drums, Octobers was conceived and the chemistry was evident in both the music and the members as this is a group made up of family and long time friends. Although raised heavily on punk rock, influences can be evident from all over the genre map, but their roots still run deep and the sound produced falls somewhere in the spectrum between pop punk and indie rock and has been described as something like Tom Petty meets Coldplay. Octobers are truly a sound and identity of their own and they want to share it through the anthemic and relatable songwriting and their fun and energetic live shows which continue to turn heads and attract listeners every time they play. Octobers are BC born, West Coast Rock.